Corporate Events

Your corporate event in Italy

During her ten-year experience in the events industry, Monica has developed great skills in terms of planning and event design.

Monica’s consulting services are valuable also for those firms and marketing companies that need a valid and efficient support for the planning of any kind of corporate event. Monica’s expertise is key for the large business groups that need a qualified professional collaborator on site in Italy but also for any companies that decide to avail themselves of a temporary consulting service to develop, design and supervise a special corporate event.

Monica’s skills to work within the client’s budget and her efficiency in  managing the logistics, the arrangements, the participants and all the details of the event can really make all the difference!

Deep knowledge of venues for events in Italy

Throughout the years Monica has developed a deep and thorough knowledge of the most beautiful venues in Italy that can host events, from the most intimate celebration to large-scale occasions. Florence, Rome, Milan, Tuscany, Amalfi Coast, Puglia and Venice are just a few of the most beautiful areas in Italy that can offer a stunning setting for a special event.

In addition to the tailor-made venue selection, Monica can also be of great help to select the best local vendors from a network of trusted and reliable professionals.